Introducing Georgina

Hello and welcome lovely reader!

 I’m Georgina; Hair and makeup artist, and lover of all things creative!


I often get asked how I got into Bridal hair and Makeup, and truthfully, it was accidentally on purpose…!


I’d love to tell you how I always dreamed of being a Bridal hair and makeup artist as a little girl and while that’s very much true, I did love to play with my mother’s makeup from a young age and was always wowed by images of celebrities on the red carpet, It was actually when I met my lovely industry friend Nicola while working at a local hair salon, and from there she introduced me to Bridal hair and makeup, showed me the ropes and I very quickly fell in love with every aspect of the job! (YES! I even love the early morning wake up calls, Sometimes 3am!!)


When I’m not busy with bridal hair and makeup, you’ll usually find me spending time with friends and family or getting involved with anything creative, like teaching myself photography, or reading up about business, psychology or colour theory. I’m always learning something new


I’m not a big fan of alcohol, I usually only drink herbal teas or water, (I have a huge tea collection!) But I am a massive foodie! One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is visit a beautiful restaurant and I’m almost always trying something new!